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Unity Roster for SWG Legends
Last post by Xhe_ in SWG General Discussion on 11/29/2016 12:00 am
Unity joins SWG Legends!
Last post by aidlywo in Community Announcements on 11/28/2016 05:01 pm
Wednesday 23rd Nov "Transfer of the AI"
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HQ Resource Tracker Thread
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Some Helpful Macros
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Wednesday Fun - 12th October
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Revtz's crafters
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Wednesday Night fun - Krayt Hunt
Last post by Siala in SWG Events & Signups on 10/03/2016 01:22 pm

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After our brief stint in SWGEmu almost a year ago, we have been on the lookout for another SWG Server that more closely resembles the game we came to love and enjoy post-NGE. After a long wait, I am delighted to announce that Unity has reformed in SWG Legends - the first post-NGE server with genuine SOE source code and near-complete functionality.

SWG Legends offers the full post-NGE experience including Kashyyyk and Mustafa, Heroic instances, Collections, updated Themeparks, Dathomir Quarantine Zone, updated GCW and PvP and most importantly, FULLY FUNCTIONAL Jump to Lightspeed Content!!! The game is operating on source code running at Update 16.4 which is very close to game as it was at shutdown.

We have established a City on Naboo, New Prometheus, which is already at Rank 3 and we are ready to welcome Unity members old and new back to where it all began, in a galaxy far far away....

Welcome to the Unity Gaming Community!   

Welcome to the Unity Gaming Community Website!

Hello, and welcome to the Unity website.

Unity was founded back in May 2005 in Star Wars Galaxies and remained there till the very last log out on 15th December 2011. By the end of SWG we were the Premier guild on our server, FarStar.

Unity is a multi-gaming community with individual communities within each game we play, with their own set of officers unique to each. Game communities are overseen by the Community Senate who ensure that our various game communities remain faithful to Unity's core principles of fairness, equality and having fun.

We are currently active in Lord of the Rings Online on the Laurelin Server. We are currently looking for a new MMO to add to our games roster, having recently closed down our community in Star Wars: The Old Republic due to a lack of community and social development within the game itself and SWGEmu after a brief test to see if a community was likely to remain active in the pre-cu world of SWG.

We realise people have real life commitments, as most of us do, and gaming is meant to be fun so it doesn't matter if you play 24/7 or a few hours a week, each are equally welcome for a relaxed, mature gaming experience. We also don't put pressure on anyone to level quickly - your game time is about you do what you want to do, not what we want you to do.

We are not a hardcore raiding or PvP community, but we do do a bit of both in the various games we play on a regular basis so there is plenty going on to cater to most player's tastes.

If you wish to join us or want more information, please register an account here on our website and then select the appropriate game you wish to join us in from the 'Join Us' menu on the website menubar - someone will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

It only remains for me thank you for your time and hopefully, I will be seeing you in-game with us in the near future!

Leader Of Unity

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The Unity Gaming Community founded by Nubius July 2011.
Founded in memory of all the members of Unity Guild, FarStar Server, Star Wars Galaxies - may the Force be with you always....
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