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35 Suits, Free to Guildies
Last post by Surge in SWG Crafting Hall on 10/20/2017 06:37 pm
Somthings needed
Last post by Tundrax in SWG Crafting Hall on 10/18/2017 04:08 pm
Unity Guild Grand Fishing Tournament
Last post by Surge in SWG Events & Signups on 10/14/2017 11:25 am
Gorax Matriarch 30/9/17, 19:30 UK Time
Last post by Right in SWG Events & Signups on 09/30/2017 04:52 pm
Imperial Hoth
Last post by HemaOne in The Holocron - Guides and How-To's! on 09/20/2017 05:23 am
Order Your Power Ups Here
Last post by Omam in SWG Crafting Hall on 09/17/2017 08:32 am
Free Weapons for Traders
Last post by Kefra in SWG Crafting Hall on 09/16/2017 12:47 pm

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Jala: hello again, im back (Alira,Gion,Ivy and so on) =)
Yinu: elyra asked that...i be in tor next week i think
EvilSwordfish: Saer returns? :p
Nubius: Yes we are on Red Eclipse
Yinu: was Unity in red eclipse?
Xhe_: hi pyff - nice to see u again
Boepathe: Hi Xebec welcome to our new home:)
Dragonborn: ToR just arrived, will see you guys In-Game in like 30 mins or so
EvilSwordfish: Adija, you can do a /who on dark unity and ask someone there, I'm online about 90% of the time on Ethwar/Mireinder or Lokhir
Xebec: Greetings to all of my friends in UNITY! Pyfftukah sends you a huuuge wookieehug.
Mych: Ok, tonight I've saluted Dark Unity and said that I'm going to bed... instead... I've done a stupid screenshot comic -__- and now I'm very sleepy... but now i must go to the supermarket -__- I want to sleep...
Ziso: ill be on dark unity tomorrow morning and early afternoon on depii if anyone needs invite
BRAD: Hey all, stuck at work for another 30m! gonna do some pvp and fllashpoints when on at 11.30pm
grif: Dum de dum dum get ur butts o nteamspeak people need mroe people to tease
Adija: humm...i'm asking in general about Dark Unity recruiters since 3 days...and none
TomTomKenobi: Just saw there is a roster, in which I am nonexistant! Shame on you all!! (also: it only has 49 members out of 80+)
Dragonborn: Sweet, TOR is arriving tomorrow.
Yinu: lol,tor better not have waiting queues when i hit online,i aint gonna pay 60 euros to wait to play,i pay to play
Elaub: Feeling alone, anyone comming on unity mc?
EvilSwordfish: Heh, aidly, wasn't a dig at you just a dig at anyone in general saying that a game is bad without actually having played it :p
aidlywo: nice to see a balanced review there - if it was a dig at me i have never said that swtor was a bad game
Adija: Uff....que -> 15 min or more
Adija: Evil E. beware....the Evil Adija's on the way
EvilSwordfish: Personally love SWTOR, those who give a bad review probably wish it was swg/never played it :p
Aoka_Achiza: I was in unity back on SWG been off it for a while and heard it got shut down, Is TOR worth getting heard mixed reviews
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