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35 Suits, Free to Guildies
Last post by Surge in SWG Crafting Hall on 10/20/2017 06:37 pm
Somthings needed
Last post by Tundrax in SWG Crafting Hall on 10/18/2017 04:08 pm
Unity Guild Grand Fishing Tournament
Last post by Surge in SWG Events & Signups on 10/14/2017 11:25 am
Gorax Matriarch 30/9/17, 19:30 UK Time
Last post by Right in SWG Events & Signups on 09/30/2017 04:52 pm
Imperial Hoth
Last post by HemaOne in The Holocron - Guides and How-To's! on 09/20/2017 05:23 am
Order Your Power Ups Here
Last post by Omam in SWG Crafting Hall on 09/17/2017 08:32 am
Free Weapons for Traders
Last post by Kefra in SWG Crafting Hall on 09/16/2017 12:47 pm

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Ziso: My work browser is playing up a little atm so the page wont load properly on this site, but seems there is a Lotro lottery with prize pre-order Helms Deep Code. Linky [URL]
kained: took 40 mins but i got in
kained: any one got login probs ?
Therocker: lotro is back
Torrinick: My appoigies Stevec, I have Blacklotus in but I must've missed you. Please feel free to friend frymoreflesh and darkhearted. Those are my main alts on emp side, I have you on my friends list as well so hopefully I'll get you in tommorrow
stevec: any officers on sith side can invite blac'klotus and jessmarko to guild plz
Ziso: New Hobbit Day Lotro Lottery. Link: [URL]
Grif: ok lotro events are up, virtues ngiht for sunday afternoon, fellowship ngiht monday, random level skirms tuesday, orthanc 75+ thursday and tuesday 1st
Kigela: lol, just rushed my dinner so not to be late for the world boss run, thats actually next saturday....
Torrinick: Glad to hear from ya kirrtan bro Hope all is well my man!!
Kirrtan: Just saying Hi all hope everyone is ok and having fun, I'm still afg for the time being enjoying Rift atm.
Torrinick: Thank you jedoch for making and running KP NIM on Emp side bro
Ziso: Thanks for the farming run in Lotro. Over 1200 sturdy hides achieved
Beda: ok can someone on the minecraft white list please look in the minecraft part of the forum and try the new minecraft IP addy please
Beda: can someone on the minecraft white list please try logging on with this add [URL]
Grif: 4 of the 9 developer diaries have been relased , link to them all on [URL] check them out to see about upcoming changes
Ziso: Tor ingame September lottery closes midnight on Friday. Please read thread in folder on forums for info
Anzul: Good job Captain Kronen. Looking forward to working with you again
Mordeep: Just put a large guide up to crafting and making money in Starwars, hope people like it
doenormaal: certainly was a nice run, didn't laugh for a long time on a run, that trooper (sam) was hilerious
Arvexin: wow... a nice TFB run
Ziso: new Lotro free sample of the week: +100% Infamy/Renown Gain x1Use Coupon Code PVMP4
Ziso: Wb Food
Food: Subscribed to TOR again for 1month as i have some time:)
Adija: Ok, i'm gonna buy some food and back in 20'. If someone need somm scholar made for the raid PLEASE Pm me ! YAY !
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