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35 Suits, Free to Guildies
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Unity Guild Grand Fishing Tournament
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Gorax Matriarch 30/9/17, 19:30 UK Time
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Imperial Hoth
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Order Your Power Ups Here
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Free Weapons for Traders
Last post by Kefra in SWG Crafting Hall on 09/16/2017 12:47 pm

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aidlywo: its when a segment crashes e.g a planet instance , though if running multi instances of a planet those in game everything looks fine , just those out of game cannot enter - I have seen this with other real world applications where new connections cannot be made but existing connections work perfectly fine
Revtz_Kralizec: Yesh - loading again now for me - wierd though as other people are in game
aidlywo: surprise its loading..... in EU Prime Time
aidlywo: @Revtz - The servers may have been up for many hours over the few days for the lucky few who are magically logging in when the US Admins restart the server - All I have ever seen is Loading ..........
Revtz_Kralizec: Refering to SWG Legends in prev whisper
Revtz_Kralizec: There are plenty of EU SWG Players - yes the majority are Stateside including the Staff which is why if there is an issue it takes one of their Devs to Wake up to wake the server up - Omega has been up and running quite well last two days
aidlywo: EEK !!!!!
Lizzie: *Jumps out from behind sofa* BOOOH!
McVicar: Hiya Burns Good here tyvm. Great to see your name come up
Burns: So how's life treating you all
Burns: Better late then never, but i'm ok to guys. Wasn't in Brussels at that time
aidlywo: see you all in a month or two if they get it fixed
aidlywo: another week goes by and SWG:L is down everyday during EU prime time ... as a lost friend would say /shrug
Kicco: Besides us
aidlywo: I must remember the only people who want to play on SWG:L are based in the USA
Kicco: SWG Legends server is up again
aidlywo: Lizzie don't forget Kicco
Marnux: I'm well, working from home today. The rest of my immediate family is also safe.
Lizzie: *Lethichore - pardon my misspelling!
Lizzie: Thanks Sam. Hoping Burns, Food, Evilswordfish, Leyla, Lecthichore and Ringlord are all ok too.
Marnux: I'm well, working from home today. The rest of my immediate family is also safe.
Marnux: I'm well, working from home today. The rest of my immediate family is also safe.
Lizzie: Please check in Sam, want to know you are ok
aidlywo: My Thoughts and Prayers are with all our friends in Belgium during these troubled times, I hope you are all safe
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