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35 Suits, Free to Guildies
Last post by Surge in SWG Crafting Hall on 10/20/2017 11:37 pm
Somthings needed
Last post by Tundrax in SWG Crafting Hall on 10/18/2017 09:08 pm
Unity Guild Grand Fishing Tournament
Last post by Surge in SWG Events & Signups on 10/14/2017 04:25 pm
Gorax Matriarch 30/9/17, 19:30 UK Time
Last post by Right in SWG Events & Signups on 09/30/2017 09:52 pm
Imperial Hoth
Last post by HemaOne in The Holocron - Guides and How-To's! on 09/20/2017 10:23 am
Order Your Power Ups Here
Last post by Omam in SWG Crafting Hall on 09/17/2017 01:32 pm
Free Weapons for Traders
Last post by Kefra in SWG Crafting Hall on 09/16/2017 05:47 pm

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Current Ribbons / Awards
Title Description Ribbon Image Awarded Members
Community Founder You are a Founder of the Community Community Founder
Community Donator You have donated to the costs of running the Community! Community Donator
Hero Of Unity You are a Hero to your community - you spend your online time helping others at the expense of yourself and as such you are the embodiment of the principles of Unity... Hero Of Unity
Community 1st Anniversary Ribbon Awarded to members who were active players of any game within the Community on 1st September 2012. Community 1st Anniversary Ribbon
[Unity] Nubius
[Unity] Ziso
[Unity] Grif
[Unity] Fargo
[Unity] Tertius
[Unity] gillgalad
[Unity] Ri-om
[Unity] Iota
[Unity] Kicco
[Unity] Spectre
[Unity] Wellington
[Unity] Food
[Unity] Lanfear
[Unity] Vossk
[Unity] Charlene
[Unity] Anastasea
[Unity] Aidlywo
[Unity] Elvana
[Unity] Unting
[Unity] Burns
[Unity] Surge
[Unity] Beda
[Unity] Calicula
[Unity] Xaldar
[Unity] Siala
[Unity] bluegon
[Unity] Bob_Loblaw
[Unity] Battle
[Unity] Naos
[Unity] posthumecaver
[Unity] Kaysor
[Unity] Soulz
[Unity] Valentyna
[Unity] Adija
[Unity] Therocker
[Unity] Justone
[Unity] Terawyn
[Unity] Anzul
[Unity] McVicar
[Unity] blida
[Unity] IQNinja
[Unity] Deltoor
[Unity] EvilSwordfish
[Unity] Lathomoth
[Unity] Whrr
[Unity] Khindor
[Unity] Edeard
[Unity] Outlaw
[Unity] obivium
[Unity] Silverdog
[Unity] Jemmasa
[Unity] Madflint
[Unity] Titanas
[Unity] Radeon
[Unity] Apathic
[Unity] Bansky
[Unity] Swoma
[Unity] Tragedy
[Unity] BipOlan
[Unity] Jayari
[Unity] Yundo
[Unity] Xaoroh
[Unity] Volupta
[Unity] Varrick
[Unity] Idiwene
[Unity] ShavenWookie
[Unity] Sati
[Unity] Ukwit
[Unity] Myhk
[Unity] Thunder
[Unity] Ribbons
[Unity] Dracko
[Unity] Shaolin_Drunk
[Unity] Glitch
[Unity] Rimak
[Unity] Septick
[Unity] Noxxic
[Unity] Saer
[Unity] Cord√©
[Unity] TomTomKenobi
[Unity] Selden
[Unity] Jedoch
[Unity] Xhe_
[Unity] Marnux
[Unity] LordOfLA
[Unity] bala
[Unity] Millibug
[Unity] Kobe
[Unity] karudan
[Unity] Dru1983
[Unity] Itelo
[Unity] Zur'ah
[Unity] Zodiac
[Unity] Ziddy
[Unity] bozare
[Unity] Zaranil
[Unity] zandarax
[Unity] Xarii
[Unity] wildthing
[Unity] Weltom
[Unity] Vedas
[Unity] Valeru
[Unity] Thrizz
[Unity] Thoggin
[Unity] thilavi
[Unity] Tettron
[Unity] tas901q
[Unity] Tanakasama
[Unity] syrzi
[Unity] Syclone
[Unity] Stevo
[Unity] Sporks
[Unity] Skitzkat
[Unity] Sinsystems
[Unity] ShiftyKZ
[Unity] Sedar
[Unity] Sadek
[Unity] ryanfightsdragons
[Unity] Ridjeck
[Unity] Rickyard
[Unity] razziel
[Unity] Railen
[Unity] Ragel
[Unity] qurrun
[Unity] Pagrotzky
[Unity] Padre
[Unity] Mythfit
[Unity] monk
[Unity] Moffy
[Unity] maranova
[Unity] malicious50
[Unity] leather
[Unity] Kebo
[Unity] Karlen
[Unity] Judak
[Unity] jono
[Unity] Jimbo580
[Unity] Jediman
[Unity] Jargo
[Unity] Kilianda
[Unity] Janya
[Unity] Baellar
[Unity] LotarrMotarr
[Unity] Effigy
[Unity] Bolitho
[Unity] Sylkh
[Unity] Lagerfiend
[Unity] Adork
[Unity] dakrok
[Unity] Karedan
[Unity] Ringlord2005
[Unity] Treefrog
[Unity] Angariel
[Unity] Jarec
[Unity] Neal
[Unity] Noemi
[Unity] Boepathe
[Unity] Auldan
[Unity] Sigourney
[Unity] Skuz
[Unity] Sanlaar
[Unity] Fenix
[Unity] Mayesyboy
[Unity] Spiili
[Unity] Talnot
[Unity] TheDopeydo
[Unity] Soultrap
[Unity] Ohhara
[Unity] Rihu
[Unity] Chuckel
[Unity] Shilea
[Unity] Monsy
[Unity] blacklotus72
[Unity] legobrix
[Unity] Sonic
[Unity] Kigela
[666] Genuine
[Unity] Hairygob
Community Leader You are the Leader of the Community - lead them well... Community Leader
Deputy Community Leader You are the Leader's right-hand man. Deputy Community Leader
Community Senator You have served the Community as a member of the Community Senate! Community Senator
SWG Guild Council Member You have served as a member of the Guild Council. SWG Guild Council Member
LOTRO Officer You have served as an Officer within the Kinship. LOTRO Officer
SWTOR Guild Officer You have served as a Guild Officer in either Unity (Republic) or Dark Unity (Empire). SWTOR Guild Officer
Minecraft Admin You have served as an Admin on the Minecraft Server. Minecraft Admin
Raid Leader You have been certified as a Raid Leader and lead your raid into danger without faultering... Raid Leader
Noob Of The Week You have been a Noob and been crowned as such! Noob Of The Week
Uber Noob Not content with being a Noob once, you have strived to be one again and have been recognised for your efforts... Uber Noob
Lee Roy Jenkins Commemorative Award You have charged into battle without thought, killing all in your raid in honour of Lee Roy Jenkins! Lee Roy Jenkins Commemorative Award
Event Organiser You have organised and run a successful event for the entire Community or within a specific community game. Event Organiser
Technical Guru You have assisted with all the techie bits on the website as one of our admins, and have only screwed the site up 3 or 4 times.... Technical Guru
Top Poster You are currently the highest poster on the forums! This ribbon moves depending on who has the highest post count! Top Poster
Noted By Nubius You have done something, said something or been somewhere which has been noted by Nubius - this could be good for you.......or not :) Noted By Nubius
Community Jester Having made so many of us laugh - intentionally or unintentionally - you have been appointed as the Community Jester! Dance Fool!!! Community Jester
Minecrafter You understand Minecraft, which is more than can be said for most of us. For this display of geekness, you have been rewarded! Minecrafter
Star Wars Galaxies Memorial Award You have crossed the sands of Tatooine and Lok, swam in the lakes of Naboo, ran from the Rancors of Dathomir and burned alive the teddybears of Endor. You are a child of the greatest MMO ever created and whilst our world is now gone, you will never forget Star Wars Galaxies Memorial Award
[Unity] Nubius
[Unity] Ziso
[Unity] Fargo
[Unity] Tertius
[Unity] Aidlywo
[Unity] Ri-om
[Unity] Surge
[Unity] Spectre
[Unity] Wellington
[Unity] Food
[Unity] EvilSwordfish
[Unity] Lethichore
[Unity] Rihu
[Unity] Lanfear
[Unity] Vossk
[Unity] Scip
[Unity] Artemus
[Unity] McVicar
[Unity] Kigela
[Unity] Swordy
[Unity] Abrams
[Unity] Tritan
[Unity] Adija
[Unity] Stormpsy
[Unity] Genevieve
[Unity] Topper
[Unity] Xebec
[Unity] Dragonborn
[Unity] Elaub
[Unity] Gaul_Stone
[Unity] Battle
[Unity] Wimzer
[Unity] JJP123
[Unity] Xasom
[Unity] Scotchy
[Unity] Ozakki
[Unity] Peytor
[Unity] Ad'Astra
[Unity] Siala
[Unity] Remulus
[Unity] Vandalized
[Unity] diggers
[Unity] Xaldar
[Unity] Saer
[Unity] Avenirai
[Unity] Boepathe
[Unity] Sengoku
[Unity] TomTomKenobi
[Unity] OobaBaztohr
[Unity] Everguard
[Unity] Xhe_
[Unity] blacklotus
[Unity] Syncopatix
[Unity] Ekenia
[Unity] Cecill
[Unity] Andy
[Unity] Calicula
[Unity] Dofey
[Unity] Thentar
[Unity] gillgalad
[Unity] Septick
[Unity] Ravisha
[Unity] Vehoc
[Unity] Heneo
[Unity] Peri
[Unity] Whrr
[Unity] Ciryo
[Unity] TheSooney
[Unity] Beda
[Unity] Ciqar
[Unity] ads500
[Unity] Leyla
[Unity] Deltoor
[Unity] Unting
[Unity] Omam
[Unity] Jala
[Unity] CreamPoet
[Unity] BRAD
[Unity] JOY_SWG
[Unity] Kaelich
[Unity] Dante
[Unity] Rick
[Unity] Spiili

[Unity] Grigore
[Unity] Esnek
[Unity] Dinu
[Unity] Snyper
[Unity] Canyn
[Unity] Aoka
[Unity] isru
[Unity] LotarrMotarr
[Unity] Charlene
[Unity] Anzul
[Unity] Bob_Loblaw
[Unity] TheTeeve
[Unity] Dryyk
[Unity] eappar
[Unity] Bowit
[Unity] Glow
[Unity] Kyylara
[Unity] Ebabo
[Unity] Kheke
[Unity] Macintyre
[Unity] Kurrin
[Unity] Ajos
[Unity] kintara
[Unity] Dominic
[Unity] Snowy
[Unity] Pikey
[Unity] Carol
[Unity] Darkmane
[Unity] Dirtnose
[Unity] Mike7Mufc
[Unity] Itelo
[Unity] Eudan
[Unity] =DGF=
[Unity] Right
[Unity] Xerxes2020
[Unity] divinex96
[Unity] sqar
[Unity] mardus
[Unity] Kefra
[Unity] Goose
[Unity] Synn
[Unity] talliman
[Unity] Cadopep
[Unity] TheEverguard
[Unity] GoreOne
[Unity] Trebort
[Unity] Mocane
[Unity] Revalera
[Unity] Ludeke
[Unity] Hambone
[Unity] Obi-Bok
[Unity] Sionesk
[Unity] Kzru
[Unity] Tzadi
[Unity] Melarian
[Unity] Tueen
[Unity] Kiffy
[Unity] Katnip
[Unity] Justjwats
[Unity] Kiwav
[Unity] Spurus
[Unity] Paxon
[Unity] Grebo
[Unity] Leeh
[Unity] EpicValor
[Unity] Tekklar
[Unity] Teklagol
[Unity] ShadowWolf
[Unity] Triton
[Unity] Darkangel
[Unity] Sivett
[Unity] HemaOne
[Unity] Lathomoth
[Unity] Rursus
[Unity] Bhruin
[Unity] Smokedawg
[Unity] Treefrog
[Unity] Akkito
[Unity] Kitajin
[Unity] Tripwire
[Unity] Ohhara
[Unity] ItzofaKFG
[Unity] Bronta
[Unity] legobrix
[Unity] Torrinick
[Unity] Underbridge
[Unity] Hierax
[Unity] Llok
[Unity] Rigine
[Unity] Draka
[Unity] stuga
[Unity] McKaby
[Unity] Revtz_Kralizec
[Unity] Kicco
[Unity] Atheenah
[Unity] Ratheki
[Unity] bobmarley
[Unity] Daslo
Community Contributor You have contributed a sensible, well thought out idea to a Community Suggestion thread, proving that for this day at least, you were the holder of the family brain cell.... Community Contributor
Hollywood Aspirant You have uploaded a video to the Community YouTube Channel. Hollywood Aspirant
Royal Guard You have been selected for nefarious and sinister duties by the Community Leader and carried them out without conscience or remorse.... Royal Guard
Ziso's Epic Award for Miss-Tells You are an accomplished player who cannot grasp the fact that /r replies to the LAST tell received! For such failure and in honour of the greatest Miss-teller of all, you have been rewarded! Ziso's Epic Award for Miss-Tells
Forum Lover Once, long ago you had a life....but this has long since been replaced by the FORUM! What more is there in life? At the centre of your universe lies the FORUM! Forum Lover
Community Helper You are known as a helpful soul, willing to help your fellow community members in-game and on the forums - blessed be the ones who help their fellow man (or women - gotta be PC!) Community Helper
Special Bus You are 'speshul' and have earnt your place upon the Special Bus - we do not laugh at you, we laugh with you, honest! Special Bus
Chatterbox You are a prolific user of TeamSpeak or Discord and try as we might, we cannot get you to shut up! Awarded for regular TeamSpeak or Discord use! Chatterbox
[Unity] Surge
[Unity] Beda
[Unity] Spectre
[Unity] Grif
[Unity] Charles
[Unity] Nubius
[Unity] Luther
[Unity] Kefra
[Unity] Fargo
[Unity] Ribbons
[Unity] Kaysor
[Unity] Dracko
[Unity] bluegon
[Unity] Aidlywo
[Unity] Iota
[Unity] Unting
[Unity] Xaldar
[Unity] Bob_Loblaw
[Unity] McVicar
[Unity] Ukwit
[Unity] Siala
[Unity] Tertius
[Unity] Marnux
[Unity] Elduriel
[Unity] Eagle
[Unity] Cord√©
[Unity] Ziso
[Unity] Jedoch
[Unity] Nanachub
[Unity] Delara
[Unity] Shilea
[Unity] Arkon
[Unity] Deus_Morituro
[Unity] ephraham
[Unity] TinyScythe
[Unity] Bolitho
[Unity] Kilianda
[Unity] Xarii
[Unity] sinalot
[Unity] Gaspodia
[Unity] Torrinick
[Unity] Bryashliu
[Unity] Teenaz
[Unity] Xhe_
[Unity] Gaspode
[Unity] WillSaints
[Unity] Wolfshadow
[Unity] Reyzwa
[Unity] Jean
[Unity] Mordeep
[Unity] Dr_Acula
[Unity] EidLeWeise
[Unity] Underbridge
[Unity] Turmon
[Unity] doenormaal
[Unity] Tiber
[Unity] Gazrog
[Unity] Kirrtan
[Unity] Hierax
[Unity] Dahrikis
[Unity] Chuckel
[Unity] Toranaga
[Unity] Grylore
[Unity] Shamrock
[Unity] Therocker
[Unity] Daslo
Old Age Pensioner You have become a Community Elder ensuring free heating, free TV and free travel across the galaxy with your Elder's Bus Pass. Old Age Pensioner
Social Climber You are a member of the Unity Facebook Group. Social Climber
Tragic Soul You have laboured hard to get absolutely nowhere, wasting your time and everyone else's around you.... Tragic Soul
Chicken Wannabe You have tried to explore Middle earth as a Chicken, but alas you were found wanting and died....alot.... Chicken Wannabe
Chicken Explorer You have begun your explorations of Middle Earth as a Chicken and have survived the more tamer areas....are you chicken-enough to face those less kinder in the East.... Chicken Explorer
Grand Master Chicken Player You are one of the greatest chicken players in Middle Earth - in your hands no chicken will again have to worry about the Colonel and his secret recipe.... Grand Master Chicken Player
Selfless "No greater love hath a man then he who give of himself for his brother, not for glory, not for fame nor for riches, but for one person, all alone in the dark, where no one will ever know or see..." Selfless
Pazaak Shark! You have beaten the odds and been proven to be an expert gambler and one of the Galaxy's greatest Pazaak players! Pazaak Shark!
Big Girl's Blouse You are a big strapping Tank, fully armoured with plenty of health....so why are you calling for heals!!! Big Girl's Blouse
Steam-Powered You are now steam-poweredhaving become a member of the Unity Steam Group Steam-Powered

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